About Breakroom Labs

Breaking the Slump with Innovation

Breakroom Labs was born from a personal struggle—the all-too-familiar afternoon slump. Like many, I found myself trapped in a cycle of reaching for coffee and sugary snacks, only to experience the inevitable crash. This led to bloating, erratic energy levels, and worsening dental health, ultimately stalling my productivity precisely when I needed to be most efficient.

Frustrated by the negative impacts of excessive caffeine and sugar, I was driven to find a healthier, more sustainable solution. This determination sparked a year of rigorous development and testing, culminating in the creation of our first product: our Energy and Focus Gummies.

A Healthier Way to Boost Energy

Our gummies are not just another quick fix. They represent a significant breakthrough in energy management. Each gummy is carefully formulated with a low caffeine content and health ingredients, making them perfect for anyone seeking a gentle yet effective energy boost—without the jitters or sleep disruption commonly associated with high-caffeine options.

Designed for Balance and Vitality

Our Energy and Focus Gummies went through four meticulous formulations to ensure they deliver optimal results. They are ideal for those sensitive to caffeine and anyone looking to maintain steady energy levels throughout the day. With our exclusive blend of nutrients, these gummies improve both body and mind, supporting overall health and enabling you to maximize your daily potential.

Our Commitment

We are more than just a brand; we are a solution to a common problem. The positive feedback from our community fuels our passion for continuous innovation and commitment to quality. At Breakroom Labs, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the midday slump so you can truly thrive every day.

  • Packing up Trial Packs

    Packaging up our first round of trial gummies summer 2023.

    The test flavor was cherry, but we later changed it to Blue Raspberry.

  • Gummies drying

    From our second round of testing, here are the gummies on a drying rack at our manufacturer (U.S. based of course!)

    I see blue gummies but everyone else sees green!

  • Gummies go Biking

    This was 4pm on a Wednesday and my friends and I needed to squeeze in a quick ride before the sun went down.

    Unlike athletic supplements which are high in sugar, these gummies are low-sugar and perfect for a one-hour ride.